INHO: Investir dans l'Homme

Education is the pathway to development.

INHO is a school of life.

We serve them not for who they are. We serve for who we are, disciples of Christ.

When we donate food, money or clothing to someone in a repetitive way, we cripple that individual. INHO wants to fight against the mentality of waiting for help to come. It is not healthy for a nation when its citizens are waiting for food, money or other goods to come from the outside.

INHO is unique in that it wants to abolish the mentality of waiting for help. The education that INHO provides to the youth and young adults in Haiti is to become self-sufficient.

INHO doesn’t ignore the problem of famine in Haiti. However, we want to address it with wisdom. In doing so, we treat people with dignity. It is very important to show young men and young women in Haiti the value of agriculture in the process of developing their homeland.

We cannot spend our time thinking that the better life is like manna, that it will fall from the sky, or that the better life is at the other side of the Atlantic. Here and now, we can start building that better life in Haiti. INHO has a scholarship program, a youth camp every summer, a reforestation campaign every year, and a goat farm.

INHO wants to do more, but cannot go further without the support of good people like you. As we say in the Haitian creole, “bay piti pa chich’’ which translates to “to give little is not cheap.” Even $5 or $10 is a blessing. You can pay for a tree which is $1 USD. You can sponsor a child in the scholarship program for $25 USD per year.

You can donate through our GoFundMe campaigns. Please click in the link below to be directed to our “Donate” page with more information.

Rev. Fr. Robert Pierre Louis

Priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Associate pastor at St. Patrick’s Basilica – Montreal, Canada

Fr. Robert Pierre Louis celebrated mass: Cathedral+Basilaca Marie Reine du monde, Montreal