INHO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving youth and young adults in Haiti. Our mission focuses on:

  1. Education: scholarship, learning the moral values that are basic for social justice;
  2. Sustainable development: agriculture, green environment, portable water;
  3. Civic duty: love of country and homeland, the value of common good, giving back to the community;
  4. Nature: discover the natural beauty of Haiti and love of nature.

INHO is not a mere nonprofit association. We are a school of life. Nowadays, more than 60% of young people in Haiti dream of leaving the country. The only way to stop the erosion is through education.We are making the journey with each one of our youth and young adults. We will help them grow and become ready to take their country’s destiny into their hands.

The vision of INHO flows from who we are: disciples of Christ. We have our gaze fixed on Heaven. However, our feet are still on earth.

While we are walking forward, it is important that we “change the many wildernesses of the world into wellsprings of water” (Isaiah 41:18). We want to be salt that brings taste to the insipid world. We want to be among those to whom the master will say “come to share your master’s joy” (Matthew 25:23).

INHO serves everyone without distinction or discrimination of religion or sex. Everyone is welcome in our midst.