How to donate:

  1. The simplest way to donate is online via our Gofundme campaigns. Please click on the INHO campaign that you wish to support below and you will be directed to its Gofundme page.
  1. General donations to INHO to support all INHO activities
  2. Campaign to purchase a plot of land in Cazale, Haiti
  3. Campaign to raise funds for the Summer Camp 2021 in Cazale

*When donating via Gofundme, donation receipts will be automatically issued and emailed to you.

  1. By cheque:

To donate to INHO by cheque, please mail your cheque to CSDD (address below) clearly mentioning that the funds are for INHO. INHO is in partnership with CSDD (Coalition Solidarité Développement Durable). If you wish your donation to support a specific campaign, please also clearly mention this when you mail in your cheque.

Tax receipts for donations are issued by CSDD. CSDD is registered with the Canadian Government.

  • Address: CSDD, 1-310 Somervale Gardens, Pointe Claire (Québec),  H9R 3H8, Canada
  • Telephone: 514.839-5194
  • Email:
  • Charitable Registration No.: 83612 1855 RR 0001
  • NEQ (Québec): 11663 0 2001

Partnership with CSDD

INHO works in partnership with CSDD. Donations to INHO must be made via CSDD. Receipts for charitable donations are issued by CSDD. Please click here for more information on our partnership with CSDD.

Sources of income

INHO is a nonprofit association. We have two sources of income. The first source is the donations we receive from good people. The second source of income comes from our productions: handicrafts made by our youth and young adults that are sold to raise funds. 

We do not receive money from any political party, drug dealers or persons involved in sex trafficking or people who are susceptible to be involved in crime. INHO is transparent. It is important for us to show  where donations come from and how we spend the money we receive. We always give an account of how the money has been spent in letters to each and every one of our donors, no matter the amount of the donation. 

Money is important. However, we know that some people may not have the means to help financially. We always count on the prayers of good people. INHO is teaming up with CSDD of Québec.

For donors who reside in Canada, you can claim your donations when you do your taxes.

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