The Need

INHO Scholarship Program beneficiaries 2021

In Haiti more than 50% of children do not attend school. A big part of those that had the opportunity to go to school could not finish. Why? There are a lot of schools but all of them are too expensive for most parents. In the constitution, attending school is mandatory, but this is only on paper. 

The private sector is making a fortune building schools. The irony is that each one is worse than the previous one. Those that are considered to be the best, their pockets are not deep enough. Fighting to eat is more important than school when, as a parent, you have three children to feed and your income is less than $1 USD dollar per person. More often, it is parent (singular) not parents. In most cases, it is only the mother; the father has been missing in action since the pregnancy. As we say in Haitian creole: “Sa-k vid pa kanpe” which means “one can’t function as he should when he is hungry.”

The intellectual elite of a society is its spine. A country can remain standing only if the intellectual elite is strong because they are the voice of moral conscience, the voice of justice, the voice of mutual understanding. The true intellectual will not waive for money; he stands tall against corruption. The intellectual cherishes the fact that common good transcends personal interest.  Simply attending school is not enough, but it is the first and most important step. A good school  system is what every country needs to form outstanding citizens.

INHO’s Response

The dream of INHO is to have free schools and academies in the country. Though our means are limited for now, we have started a scholarship program in Cazale, at the Lycée Jérémie Eliazer (secondary school).

Due to our limited means, for now, there is a maximum of 30 children in the program, approximately two to three students in each grade. The cost of a school year is 1,000 Haitian gourdes per student. Because of the fluctuation of the Haitian currency, the value of 1000 Haitian gourdes  ranges from  $10 to $16 USD. 

The scholarship recipients attend the  Lycée Jérémie Eliazer five days per week, from 7AM to 2PM for one academic year. The students come to school in the morning and return after school. Some come from far away, walking for one-and-a-half hours each way.

For now, INHO does not have the funds to provide meals to the scholarship recipients. We plan to provide two meals per day in the future, but this is subject to donations.

You can sponsor a child so that they may participate in the scholarship program. The cost is $25 USD per year which comes to about $32 CAD. We send sponsors a picture of the student and a letter, and we keep the sponsor informed of the student’s progress.

1. Gofundme:

You may donate to our general Gofundme campaign. You will receive a receipt for your charitable donation automatically via email. *Please follow this up with an email to Fr. Rev. Robert Pierre Louis at or indicating the details of your donation (name and amount) so that we know to use this to sponsor a student.

2. Cheque:

You may mail your cheque to: CSDD, 1-310 Somervale Gardens, Pointe Claire (Québec),  H9R 3H8, Canada. *Please clearly mention that the funds are to sponsor a child for INHO’s scholarship program. Find out more about INHO’s partnership with CSDD here.

Conditions for Scholarship

INHO is not in the business of handing out free money. There are conditions to be a beneficiary of our scholarship program: 

  1. Work hard to obtain a good grade, minimum 750
  2. Participate in our program called “Give Back to the Community”: 
    1. Participate in Reforestation Day, May 1st of every year; 
    2. Help to tend the goats in our farm; 
    3. Participate in the youth camp.
Beneficiary of INHO scholarship

Kudos to all of our generous donors! Despite the economic hardships of today’s world, you remember those in need. 

We want to do more. We are fighting to do more, and we will not stop! But we can’t do it alone. Please join us in that fight. If you don’t have the means to help us financially, you can become a member of our team. Please help to promote the cause.