The intellectual elite of a any society is its spine. A country can remain standing only if the intellectual elite is strong because the intellectuals are the voice of moral conscience, the voice of justice, the voice of mutual understanding. The real intellectual will not wave for money – he stands tall against corruption. The intellectual cherish the fact that the cause of common good transcends personal interest. Although attending school is not enough – but it is the first and the most important step. A good an appropriate system of school – this is what every country needs to form good outstanding citizens.

In Haiti more than 50% children do not attend school – a big part of those that had the opportunity to go to school could not finish. Why? There are a lot of school – all of them are too expensive for the taste of most of parents. In the constitution, attending school is mandatory – but only in paper. The private sector is making fortune in building school. The irony of that: each one worse than next. Those that are considered to be the bests … pockets are not deep enough – don’t judge if I tell you that: fighting to eat is more important than school – when as parent (more often is parent not parents – most of the case, it is only the mother – the father has been missing in action since the pregnancy) you have 3 children to feed – and money is like less than one US dollar per person. As we say in the Haitian creole: “Sa-k vid pa kanpe” which means “one can’t function as he should when he is hungry”.

The dream of INHO is to have free schools and academies in the country – our means are limited for now. However, we start a scholarship program in Cazale, at the Lycée Jérémie Eliazer (Secondary school):

Because of our limited means we can only have 30 children in the program: kids from 2 or three kids in each grade – the cost of a school year is 1000 Haitian gourdes – because of the fluctuation of the Haitian currency, 1000 H. grds  can be equated from $10 to $16US. Kudos to all our generous donors – despise the economic hardship of today world they remember those in need. We want to do more – we are fighting to do more, and we will not stop – but we can’t do it alone, please join us in that fight. If you don’t have the mean to help us financially – you can become a member of our team – help promote the cause.

INHO does not want to be involved in the business of hand out free money. They are conditions to be a beneficiary of our scholarship program: 1- work hard to obtain a good grade, minimum 750. 2- participate in our program called “give back to the community”: a. participate in reforestation day, May 1st of every year; b. help in taking care of the goats in our farm; c. participate in the youth camp.

Rev. Fr. Robert Pierre Louis,

St. Patrick’s Basilica, Montreal