Young Haitians dance during INHO’s 2019 Summer Camp in Cazale

Every year, we host a summer camp in Cazale. The summer camp is seven days long and takes place directly before the start of the school year (late August to early September). Approximately 60 children and youth from disadvantaged households are welcomed.

We have begun the campaign to raise funds for the summer camp 2021 which will happen from August 30 to September 5, 2021. The cost of the summer camp is approximately $3,200 USD which comes to about $4,000 CAD. The funds raised go to support the food, school supplies and other provisions needed for the camp activities.

Youth play during INHO’s 2019 Summer Camp in Cazale

Please click here to donate to the 2021 Summer Camp via our Gofundme campaign. If you wish to donate by cheque, please find more information on our Donate page.

The photos below and videos on this page give an idea of how your generous donations are at work changing the lives of young Haitians!

We pray

We have fun

We also eat and it seems like we love that

We dance and play