INHO is not alone in the fight to build a better environment to educate future leaders for Haiti. There are many associations with which we share the same goal. We are willing to establish partnerships with associations within the country or overseas. First, to learn from them, and also for mutual benefit, to share resources. We are willing to work in transparency with those organizations.

In the summer of 2020, we established a partnership with CSDD. CSDD is a nonprofit association for charities. Their field of work is Africa, from helping hospitals and schools to feeding the hungry in poor neighbourhoods. The work of CSDD extends to many countries in the great continent of Africa. 

INHO works in Haiti, but all donations made to INHO must be directed to CSDD. Our partnership is established in mutual trust and transparency,  for the good of both associations.

  • CSDD: Coalition Solidarité Développement Durable
  • Address: CSDD, 1-310 Somervale Gardens, Pointe Claire (Québec),  H9R 3H8, Canada
  • Phone: 514.839-5194
  • Email: info@csdd-quebec.org
  • Charitable Registration No.:  83612 1855 RR 0001
  • NEQ (Québec): 11663 0 2001

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