What is INHO?

INHO is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting the importance of education as a pathway of development in Haiti. We do not just promote an idea; we work to educate youth and young adults in the less fortunate neighbourhoods and in more remote areas.

What does INHO stand for?

INHO stands for “Investir dans l’homme” which can be translated to “Invest in Humankind.” INHO was founded in Haiti by Reverend Father Robert Pierre Louis, A.K.A. Fr. Dominique. From his seminary years Father used to help young women and young men with their school tuition. All of them finished their studies. Now some of them have  jobs and team up with Fr. Dominique to serve others. One of them even built a YouTube channel to show young people how to use Excel. 

Fr. Dominique was born into poverty. Eating was a struggle. He finished school very late because for some years he had to stay home since there was no money to pay the school tuition. By the grace of God, he made it. He became a Roman Catholic priest. He took the resolute decision to fight, not against someone, but against the misery in the mind of humankind. He decided to fight for the youth and the young people in Haiti, to show them the value of education.

To Whom it May Concern,

The door is open to everyone who has something to give and something to receive. The conditions are respect for others and the desire to embrace INHO’s way of life. No one should be forbidden to come to INHO because of his or her gender, or his or her sexual orientation – education, religion, skin colour, physical handicap are not reasons to close the door to anyone.


Reverend Father Robert Pierre Louis