Why youth and young adults?

The future of any country rests on the shoulders of the younger generation. They are the plants that need to be cared for so that they may be ready one day to build a better, a stronger Haiti. 

More than 50% of young people do not make it to the second half of secondary school.  Many of them become prey for corrupt politicians who give them weapons and a little bit of money. Sometimes they provide them alcohol and drugs, and then send them to organize riots. Because they don’t know better, they break and loot anything in their way, public and private properties. This is how uneducated young people become dangerous weapons in the hands of corrupt politicians. 

Others wait for any occasion to leave the country at any cost – no matter the destination: Dominican Republic, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, or any other country in the Caribbean. When they arrive in those countries, they must face the problem of immigration and adjusting. For some, their life becomes worse than when they were in Haiti but it is too late and they must cope.  

INHO wants to bring to the young people a reason to hope! What is that reason and where is it? It is a new education: form new leaders for tomorrow – show the importance of listening and working together – the duty to family, community and country – respect for the common good – the importance of agriculture and culture.


From the beginning, INHO is a school of life. Everyone has something to teach. Education is the key to opening the door to development of any country. It is not only to show how to read and to write. 

Education is the development of the human person wholly, civically and morally, learning the value of family and its importance in a society, the importance of human labor, love and protecting the environment, the role of justice. It is  respect for the common good, respect for others, showing that unity is unavoidable to build the community, respect for the weak, the crippled, the little ones. Above all, it is learning to love one’s community and to give back to the community what we have received.

All our projects are executed in groups, for the group, for the community. Working together, side by side, hand in hand is very important because we cannot remain standing if we are divided. 

In a culture where corruption infests all institutions, it is necessary to teach young people how transparency is important for the wellbeing of the nation. Unity is both an end and a means at the same time, an end because we must remain united, and a means to reach transparency. When someone works alone, they  have no one to whom to give an account. Being transparent is also being accountable. 

All our activities, even the fight against famine are educational. We cannot neglect the importance of a good religious education in which faith and reason come together.